AJP candidate’s application documents rejected

FAISALABAD, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – August 16, 2022): The Election Commission of Pakistan (EPC) has rejected the nomination papers of Awami Justice Party (AJP) candidate Ghulam Mustafa Magan for the by-election in NA- 108 (Faisalabad-VIII).

District Election Commissioner-II / NA-108 Returning Officer Irfan Kausar told APP here on Tuesday that upon review, the nomination papers filed by Ghulam Mustafa Magan of the Awami Justice party were found to be supported. by Muhammad Hamza who did not belong to NA-108. Therefore, Ghulam Mustafa Magan’s application documents were rejected.

He further said that the application documents submitted by Chaudhry Sher Ali of the PMLN were carefully scrutinized and he was summoned for a personal hearing at the ECP office in Faisalabad on August 17 (Wednesday).

Fourteen candidates had filed for the NA-108 by-election scheduled for September 25, 2022.

Among the candidates are: PTI leader Imran Khan Niazi, Mian Farrukh Habib, Dr. Arsalan Arshad, Chaudhry Sher Ali of the PMLN, Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali, Ghulam Mustafa Magan of the Awami Justice Party, Shehbaz Ali Gulzar, Abdul Hafeez, Khurram Shehzad, Liaqat Ali, Muhammad Siddique, Malik Muhammad Ali Tahir, Sohail Kashif Sandhar Advocate and Rizwan Mehmood.

He said appeals against nomination papers could be filed before August 20 and the appeals tribunal would decide the same on August 25.

He said the revised list of candidates would be released on August 26 and candidates could withdraw their application materials by August 27, while the final list of contenders would be released on the same day.

Election symbols would be assigned on August 29 while polling would take place on September 25, he added.

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