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A: Vida, Muerte, Justicia | Life, death, justice: Latin American and Latin American art for the 21st century
Ogden Contemporary Arts, 455 25th St., Ogden
Perspectives on the contemporary Latin American and Latin American experience from local, national and international perspectives make up this exhibition curated locally by Jorge Rojas and María del Mar González-González. The works represent a wide range of media – painting, sculpture, photography, installation and more – touching on topics such as immigration, racial justice and violence against women. Nationally exhibited artists including Harry Gamboa Jr. (“Decoy Gang War Victim” is pictured), Guillermo Galindo and Tania Candiani join Utah-based Andrew Alba, Nancy Rivera and Roots Art Kollective. The exhibition runs until November 27.


B: In Flux: art on the human experience
@ Finch Lane Gallery (54 Finch Lane, SLC)
The Finch Lane Gallery is launching two new contemplative exhibitions. The film installation On the fringes of metaxis (pictured), by Spanish-born sisters Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sorbino (who work as Also Sisters) presents projected, reflected, and distorted scenes across multiple screens, featuring images like blinking eyes and slow steps. Personal exhibition Mixed, by Aïsha Lehmann, offers large format portraits illuminated by interviews with people of Métis origin. Both exhibitions run through November 19, with an artists reception Gallery Stroll on October 15, 6 to 9 p.m.


C: Over Look / Under Foot and the new hive
@ Granary Arts (86 N. Main St., Ephraim)
Two new exhibitions join a range of works particularly focused on Utah that already includes Our valley speaks and Bird’s eye chisel. In the collective exhibition The new hive, 30 Utah-based artists were brought together for a wide range of interpretations of the state symbol, the beehive; the exhibit was inspired by and stemmed from an original 1980 exhibit titled La Grande Ruche who explored a similar theme. In Over Look / Underfoot, Katie Hargrave and Meredith Laura Lynn recount their visit to all of Utah’s national parks in 2020, exploring how sites now mediate our experience with them through infrastructure such as roads, restrooms, and parking lots (“Arches ( Devil’s Garden) “is shown). Both exhibitions run until January 21, 2022.


D: Patrick Dean Hubbell: From Earth to Heaven
@ Modern West Fine Art (412 S. 700 West, SLC)
Modern West Fine Art presents the new work of represented artist Patrick Dean Hubbell in a solo exhibition. Born and raised in the Navajo Nation, Hubbell creates works that partly explore indigeneity through traditional Navajo artistic forms and symbols (“Early Dawn Star Wave 2021” is shown). Hubbell also uses hand-picked and ground natural earth pigments from Navajo lands in his work, combined with traditional acrylic and oil paints. The exhibition runs through November 19, with an artists reception Gallery Stroll on October 15, 6 to 9 p.m. CW


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