Biden considers 3 black female justices top picks for Supreme Court nomination

SALISBURY, Md- President Biden pledged not only to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court with the retirement of Justice Steven Bryers, but is considering 3 notable black female justices for the position.

The frontrunners are United States Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Ketanji Jackson, California Supreme Court Judge Leondra Kruger and South Carolina United States District Court Judge J. Michelle Childs . Legal experts say Justice Childs is already receiving praise from both Republicans and Democrats and has the best chance of winning bipartisan support.

“One express comment she made is the commitment to the rule of law or the ‘decision of regard referring to upholding precedent and commitment to a balanced view of things and that caught her eye’ , said DSU professor emeritus of constitutional law and political science, Dr. Samuel Hoff.

Dr. Hoff tells us that those comments have already earned him praise from South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Dr Hoff says Justice Childs would also be unique, as one of the few justices to sit on the Supreme Court who is not an appellate judge.
He tells us that this gives him a unique perspective and more experience than other judges when it comes to some important cases at the district court, but not at the appellate level. She would also be one of the few nominees to be considered without an IVY league law degree.
However, he says any potential nominees would be a welcome addition to a court that has long had a problem reflecting America’s diversity.

“President Biden’s commitment to appoint an African-American woman will slightly reduce that historical average of 94% white men for the current court in all of American history and, if the confirmation process goes going smoothly, will bring the popularity of the courts back to where it should be,” says Dr. Hoff.

He says a judge can only make a small dent in that number, but can make a big difference in public confidence in the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court’s credibility has come under attack over the past few decades according to Dr. Hoff, but having a court that reflects the country can help restore public trust and faith in controversial decisions.

Biden’s nominee could advance to the Senate with a narrow majority vote, with Vice President Kamala Harris tying. If Biden’s nominee is confirmed, the court’s ideological split would remain 6-3 conservative-to-liberal.

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