Breyer: Supreme Court is “fallible”, but has served the United States rather well

Supreme Court judge Stephane BreyerStephen Breyer Supreme Court considers power of Kentucky AG to defend abortion restriction Judge Alito’s heresy Supreme Court partisanship becomes harder to deny says the High Court is “fallible” but has “served the United States rather well” as it faces continued calls from the left to step down, and its conservative counterparts are defending their majority against the allegations of politicization.

“It is a fallible institution, although over time it has served this country rather well,” Breyer told CNN in an interview Wednesday.

“As Mother used to say: every race, every religion, every possible point of view is defended by the people of this country,” he continued. “And it helped them live together. “

Breyer’s interview comes amid a larger debate over Supreme Court reform amid the conservative 6-3 High Court majority.

President BidenJoe BidenSinema raises funds in Europe as reconciliation talks ‘underway’: Report from Mexico urges US to invest more in Central America to stem migration flows Trump calls for Take Back Virginia Rally to hype Youngkin PLUS advertising set up a 36-member commission in April to study High Court reforms, including the addition of additional seats.

Aside from more seats, Breyer has been under pressure from the Liberals to retire so Biden can appoint a younger Liberal judge to replace him while Democrats have control in the Senate.

The 83-year-old judge has been largely discreet about the retirement, but said he had no plans to “stay there until I die”.

Breyer told CNN that the controversy surrounding the court was not new.

“It’s always been controversial,” Breyer said at the outlet. However, he said people accepted the court’s rulings, even those “which they thought were really wrong”, adding that “if they don’t, we will not have the rule of law”.

Breyer criticized the Supreme Court‘s overhaul proposals. For example, he told NPR in an interview in September that “what happens is.”

A number of judges have recently joined the public debate on the court’s political leanings, particularly on lightning rod issues like abortion and gun control.

Conservative justice Samuel alitoSamuel AlitoWhy Latinos Need Supreme Court Reform Judge Alito’s Heresy The Partisan Spirit Of The Supreme Court Becomes Increasingly Hard To Deny MORE gave a fiery speech two weeks ago defending the tribunal’s “shadow role” and accused the media of describing it “a dangerous cabal decides important issues in a new, secret and inappropriate way in the middle of the night, at out of sight of the public. ”

Prominent members of the media and Sen. Sheldon White HouseSheldon WhitehouseSunday shows – Scalise won’t say if election was stolen when questioning Fox Senate Democrat Chris Wallace says there is “a lot to learn” about Trump’s efforts to overthrow the Rebuild election better by investing in workers and communities PLUS retaliated at Alito over the speech. Whitehouse wrote an article Thursday alleging that black money shaped the current Supreme Court.

“Maybe Judge Alito is so touchy because his fingerprints are all over this model of Republican judicial activism,” he wrote in Salon.

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