CBI delivers parents of Lakshadweep politicians in 25-year default case

The CBI has hired two politically influential people from Lakshadweep for allegedly deceiving Lakshadweep Khadi and Village Industries Board (LKVIB) into not repaying loans taken out by them in 1997, officials said on Tuesday.

Kamarbhanu Thottoli Kiltan, daughter of local politician AP Aboosala, and TK Ahmed Haji Thotlathakara, son of late politician Basha, had taken loans of 16.93 lakh and 15.69 lakh respectively under the Consortium Bank Credit Scheme with the intention to defraud LKVIB when applying for a loan, the CBI alleged.

The two were supposed to make quarterly payments, but being ‘influential people in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, they deliberately defaulted on the payment from the beginning and failed to pay the amount,’ CBI FIRs alleged. .

The FIR is the result of a joint surprise check carried out by the CBI and Lakshadweep vigilance officers at the LKVIB office in Kavaratti on June 25. ”The LKVIB had sanctioned and disbursed loans to various enterprises and institutions for the establishment of small industrial enterprise units under various KVIC schemes. Kamarbhanu Thottoli Kiltan and TK Ahmed Haji Thotlathakara also benefited from this program in 1997,’ an official said. Kiltan has received an advance of Rs.16.93 lakh, for the start of a fish processing project by Ahal Development Society, Kiltan, in the form of an eight-year term loan at an interest rate of 18%, payable to LKVIB quarterly, the agency said.

The CBI alleged that Kiltan cheated LKVIB to the tune of Rs. 53.46 lakh (principal plus interest) till 2022 through ”corrupt and illegal means and misuse of official position”, causing unjustified loss to the Plublic treasure. In the case of Thotlathakara, the loan amount was 15.69 lakh for the purchase of a fishing boat and other paraphernalia on similar repayment terms. It also stopped making refunds, resulting in a loss of Rs 46.75 lakh for LKVIB, according to the agency. ”The non-reimbursement of the loan by major beneficiaries like Kamarbhanu Thottoli Kiltan has brought about a situation where the council (LKVIB) has stopped receiving funds from the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Mumbai and the development works to be carried out by the council became stand the additional loan to a new applicant could not be disbursed and also reduced the benefits of other islanders,” he alleged. The CBI alleged that LKVIB took no sincere action or legal recourse to recover the loan amount from them.

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