City appeals court order partially blocking vaccine mandate

Boston is appealing a judge’s order blocking its COVID-19 vaccination mandate on certain categories of firefighters and police officers.

On Friday, Democratic Mayor Michelle Wu’s office appealed a state Court of Appeals ruling from earlier this month saying the city’s warrant could not be applied to members of the firefighters’ union. city ​​and two police unions until their ongoing legal challenge is resolved, WBZ-TV reports.

Wu’s office said the appeal will help protect public health as the administration continues to negotiate with unions.

“Courts across the country have repeatedly recognized the right of state and local governments to require full vaccination of public employees,” a spokesperson for Wu said in a statement, according to the station.

The Federation of Boston Police Senior Officers, one of three unions challenging the warrant in court, said in a statement that the city’s appeal ‘reflects a disregard’ for unions, city employees and taxpayers by “continuing to use public funds for outside law firms,” the station reports.

Unions say Wu undermined their collective bargaining rights when she required all city workers to receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine or risk being placed on unpaid leave.

Wu’s office said most of the city’s more than 19,000 workers have already met the requirement.

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