Civil rights group expands footprint on Texas-Mexico border

Border Network for Human Rights Opens Community Advocacy Centers in Presidio, Del Rio

EL PASO, Texas (border report) – A migrant-focused civil rights group is expanding its footprint in Texas.

The El Paso-based Border Network for Human Rights is opening its new center in Presidio Friday night and another in Del Rio next Tuesday. The goal is to have advocates lead community campaigns to educate residents about their civil and human rights under the U.S. Constitution, BNHR Executive Director Fernando Garcia said.

“The dire reality calls for expanding the territory we serve and calling on more allies to expose, prevent and hopefully end the (documented) harassment and discrimination in the border region,” he said. Garcia said.

The group conducts an annual survey in minority communities, documenting alleged law enforcement abuses that residents may not report for fear of reprisal or because of their immigration status.

“Both centers will allow us to increase community (awareness) and allow people to find a much-needed platform to become informed, educated and empowered to defend their most basic human rights,” Garcia said.

Presidio borders Ojinaga, Mexico, while Del Rio is north of the Rio Grande from Acuna, Mexico. Both cities have large Hispanic populations and a large presence of federal and local law enforcement officers.

The centers are part of BNHR’s Frontera Texas organizing project.

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