Civil rights organizations sue Texas over voter purges

The Voter Suppression Bill Senate Bill 1 prompted another lawsuit, this one over an ignored request by the Texas Secretary of State regarding voter purges.

Last week, a group of civil rights organizations, including the ACLU and MALDEF (the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund), filed a lawsuit in a US district court alleging that the office of the Texas secretary of state had failed to produce documents relating to voter audits intended to ensure non-citizens do not vote, a provision of SB 1.

The request for these documents began last August. According to ABC 13, more than 11,000 Texans have been identified as potentially non-citizens with these election purges.

“Texas cannot shirk its obligations under federal law to release information about its new voter purge program,” ACLU of Texas attorney Ashley Harris said in a statement. declaration. “The public deserves to know why Texas continues to falsely flag U.S. citizens for removal from voter rolls.”

Last year, Governor Greg Abbott appointed attorney John Scott as Texas secretary of state, after Ruth Hughs announced she was stepping down. Scott was part of a legal team working for Donald Trump as he challenged the Pennsylvania election results (which Joe Biden won).

In 2019, immigrant and civil rights organizations succeeded for follow-up Texas following an attempted election purge of more than 90,000 Texans, many of whom had recently naturalized. This attempted effort led then-Texas Secretary of State David Whitley to resign.

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