Complete list of recommendations from the Houston Chronicle Editorial Board

It’s time to make your voice heard again. Early voting in Texas begins Monday, February 14 and ends Friday, February 25 for the 2022 primary election, which is Tuesday, March 1.

In support of an informed vote, the editorial board of the Houston Chronicle interviewed hundreds of candidates in more than 50 races to make the recommendations in the Harris County races for the Democratic and Republican primaries. Texas law does not allow cell phones in the voting booth, so take this summary page with you for each primary. Note: The only local magistracies covered are the criminal district benches.

To view the full endorsements of each nominee, visit or click on the link attached to each nominee’s name. You can also get a detailed look at the top issues and races on our 2022 Texas Voter’s Guide.

Take a look below to see the full list of recommendations:



Governor: Beto O’Rourke
Lieutenant Governor: mike necklace
Attorney General: Joe Jaworski
State Controller: Janet Dudding
Land commissioner: Jay Kleberg
Agriculture Commissioner: Susan Hays
Court of Appeal, Place 2: Kyle Carter
Fourteenth Court of Appeal, Place 9: William Demond
State Board of Education, District 4: Staci Childs
U.S. House District 38: Duncan Klusmann
District Criminal Court 183: Chuck Silverman
District Criminal Court 184: Abigail Anastasio
District Criminal Court 185: Jason Luong
District 208 Criminal Court: Kimberly McTorry
District Criminal Court 228: Frank Aguilar
263rd Criminal District Court: Amy Martin
Texas Senate District 15: John Whitmire
Texas Senate District 17: Titus Benton
Texas House District 131: Alma Allen
Texas House District 132: chase the west
Texas House District 142: Harold Duton
Texas House District 147: Danielle KeysBess


Harris County Judge: Lina Hidalgo
County Commissioner, Precinct 2: Adrian Garcia
County Commissioner, Precinct 4: Lesley Brions
Harris County Treasurer: Dylan Osborne
Harris County District Clerk: Marilyn Burgess
District Court 230: Chris Morton
District Court 248:
Hilary Unger
District Court 263: Amy Martin
District Court 482: Veronique Nelson



Governor: Greg Abbott
Lieutenant Governor: Dan Patrick
Attorney General: Eva Guzman
State Controller: Glenn Hegar
Texas Land Commissioner: Jon Spiers
Agriculture Commissioner: Jacques White
2nd Congressional District: Dan Crenshaw
US House District 7: Tim Stroud
US House District 8: jessica wellington
US House District 22: Troy Nehls
US House District 29: Lulite Ejigu
U.S. House District 38: Wesley Chase
Commissioner of Railways: Dawayne Tipton
Texas Supreme Court, Square 9: David Schenck
Court of Criminal Appeal, Place 5: Scott Walker
State Board of Education, District 6: Will Hickman
State Board of Education, District 7: Danny Surman
Texas Senate District 11: Bob Mitchell
Texas House District 127: Charles Cunningham
Texas House District 132: mike schofield
Texas House District 133: Mano De Ayala
Texas House District 134: Ryan McConnico
Texas House District 138: Josh Flynn
Texas House District 150: Valorée Swanson


Harris County Judge: Martina Lemond Dixon
Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 2: Jack Morman
Harris County Treasurer: Eric-Dick

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