Court of Appeal overturns woman Beatrice’s methamphetamine conviction, claiming officer was on a “fishing expedition” | Crime and courts


The officer’s body camera showed him asking for his driver’s license and vehicle registration, then checking his patrol car records. He gave her a warning for not stopping and a ticket because her vehicle registration had expired.

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About 10 minutes after the start of the shutdown, he handed her the citation to sign and explained the options for handling it, then she returned the signed ticket.

While putting the copy of Thompson’s ticket with her papers so she could leave, he asked her if she had anything illegal in her car, and she said no.

“At that point, he was still seated inside the open door sill on the driver’s side of Thompson’s vehicle. As he handed his paperwork to Thompson, he asked, ‘Are you having any problems what if I look in your car to make sure there is nothing illegal in the car? ‘”said Pirtle.

Thompson said, “No, go ahead. Help yourself.”

When he asked her to return her pockets, she took out a small plastic bag and seeing it, she said, “It’s really not mine.

The residue tested positive for methamphetamine, as did some on a straw she gave to the officer, and Thompson was ultimately charged with possession.

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His lawyer argued that the evidence should be suppressed, but this was allowed during his trial. And Gage County District Judge Ricky Schreiner found her guilty and sentenced her to probation.


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