Court of Appeals Set Trial in South Carolina Abortion Case | national

The Court of Appeals will discuss proceedings to challenge South Carolina’s abortion law about a week after the United States Supreme Court considered a similar action in Mississippi.

According to a court order issued Friday, the U.S. Fourth Court of Appeals tentatively scheduled oral argument in South Carolina for the week of December 6.

Pland Parenthood is suing South Carolina over a bill signed by Republican Gov. Henry McMaster earlier this year that requires doctors to perform an ultrasound to check for the so-called “fetal heartbeat.” to augment. Abortion only if cardiac activity (usually detected around 6 weeks after pregnancy) is detected, if the pregnancy is caused by rape or incest, or if the mother’s life is at stake. You can do.

Opponents say many women do not know they are pregnant in six weeks. And they argue that with such an early delay, the law leaves little time for women to think about whether to have an abortion.

Health professionals say heart activity Not a real heartbeat Rather, it is the first beat of the embryo’s intracellular electrical activity. They say the heart only begins to form when the fetus is at least 9 weeks old, and condemn efforts to promote a ban on abortion based on medical inaccuracies.

The judge blocked the South Carolina law from coming into force until the United States Supreme Court challenged Mississippi’s new law. To listen on December 1st..

Mississippi wants High Court to uphold most bans on abortion after 15th week of pregnancy, groundbreaking Roe v. Wade Guaranteeing Women’s Right to Abortion and a 1992 plan that I asked the court to dismiss the parent-child relationship against the Casey ruling. Prevents the ban on abortions before the state becomes viable.

South Carolina is one of 12 states that are closely monitoring recent abortion measures passed by the courts. Texas’ most restrictive abortion law in the United States Reactivated by the Federal Court of Appeal on Friday After a 48-hour pardon caused by a suspension ordered by an Austin Lower Court judge. The Biden administration, which has sued Texas over a law known as Senate Bill 8, has yet to say whether it will take action in the United States Supreme Court.

In July 20 Republican-led states Recorded in support of the South Carolina law, a federal judge in Amicus Brief argued that it was wrong to suspend the entire measure, not just the impugned clause. A few months later 20 Democratic attorneys general He supported a lawsuit that challenged South Carolina law, arguing that if women seek cross-border care, the restrictions could hurt the state by taxing resources.

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Court of Appeals Set Trial in South Carolina Abortion Case | national

Court of Appeals Set Trial in South Carolina Abortion Case | national

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