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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. – A landmark in the center of Collierville recalls the town’s controversial past.

Residents and members of the Collierville Community Justice group are calling for the removal of a Confederate marker in the center of the town square.

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The stone marker was donated to the city in the 1940s by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

City leaders outlined several possible solutions for the marker at Monday night’s council of aldermen meeting.

These include covering the words “Confederate Park” on the plaque, embedding the plaque into the sidewalk, and adding a new plaque honoring union troops of African descent.

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But some members of the group say that is not enough and that they will not back down until the marker is removed.

“We are asking them to vote on a waiver. They had the opportunity to do it, and they chose not to, despite saying they were going to do it,” said Chelsea Glass, a member of Collierville Community Justice.

“Just because you change the verbiage of a monument doesn’t take away from the meaning of the monument or the reason it was put up in the first place. It’s a monument of hatred towards black people in the United States. It’s a symbol of Confederate warfare,” said LJ Abraham, who is also part of Collierville Community Justice.

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The mayor of Collierville said a petition should be presented to the state before making any changes.

The subject was discussed but not voted on at Monday evening’s meeting.

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