Flash director releases jaw-dropping new image

Andy Muschietti took to Instagram with his latest tease from the film, which shows a version of Michael Keaton’s jumpsuit painted red, with a spray-painted lightning bolt on top of the iconic bat symbol on the chest. However, eagle-eyed fans may note that this is actually a completely different take on the iconic costume seen in a previous post by the director. The emblem itself has a flatter design and the points of the bat logo are not as prominent. It is also a bit higher on the chest, which allows for a greater gap between the symbol and the armor plate.

But why is the jumpsuit painted like this? Fans on Reddit have several different theories. Is this a costume that Barry stole for some reason and got a makeover, or is it something more sinister? In the comic “Dark Nights: Batman – The Red Death”, DC’s Dark Multiverse featured a villainous version of the Dark Knight who merged with Barry Allen so he could take the speedster’s abilities for himself. Bruce Wayne then donned an intimidating costume – which featured a symbol combining the bat logo and Barry’s unmistakable lightning bolt (via Fandom).

Given that Ezra Miller’s Flash will travel across the multiverse in an attempt to save his mother’s life, it’s not impossible that he might encounter a version of Bruce Wayne who did the same to another Barry Allen. Obviously, this is all pure speculation, and it could end up being something entirely different – or even a throwaway joke that Muschietti uses just to get fans talking. Either way, “The Flash” is shaping up to be a fascinating project for comic book fans.

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