It is not a “conservative” Supreme Court. it’s reactionary

For the publisher: When I read an article like that by Dean Erwin Chemerinsky of UC Berkeley Law School: “The Conservatives at the Supreme Court now have carte blanche. This is how your rights will change, ”reminds me that one of the GOP’s strengths dominates our political debate by defining key language in a way that reinforces their arguments. “Late abortion”, “death tax” and “rights reform”, for example, are ideologically charged and utterly misleading.

The coup de grace? The Republicans got everyone, even their opponents, to call them “conservatives.” They are anything but that.

This Supreme Court has ignored the Constitution and precedents on decisions that promote forced births, gun violence, the erosion of our democracy and, more seriously, a worsening of the climate crisis. This behavior is anything but “conservative” because it does not preserve the rights of Americans to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Chemerinsky used the word repeatedly to describe this court, perpetuating a fallacy. Call Republicans and their judges what they are: reactionaries.

Jordan Deglise Moore, Los Angeles


For the publisher: I find Chemerinsky’s statement rather amusing that this Supreme Court term “will be the culmination of five decades of Conservative efforts to take control of the court.”

Would he have us believe that liberals and progressives have not fought for control of the court for the past five decades?

Whether it’s luck, skill, or timing (or a combination of the three), we do have a tribunal in place that we Conservatives can enjoy while Chemerinsky chews on his sour grapes.

Michael Dragotto, Los Angeles


For the publisher: The only title of Chemerinsky’s play is frightening. This is a tribunal that will take America back to the Dark Ages as much of the planet, including the so-called Third World countries (I call them the exploited countries), try to navigate towards a more equitable world.

The Supreme Court of Mexico, a predominantly Catholic country, has just decriminalized abortion, while our judges are set to overturn Roe against Wade. But as the recent “Bans Off Our Bodies” protests have shown, they will face the wrath of this country’s largest political minority – women – if they take this route.

We will not come back to clandestine abortions.

Vicki Rupasinghe, Ojai


For the publisher: The idea that our country is a country of laws, rather than naked political power, disappeared with the Bush v Gore decision, in which the court arbitrarily ruled that George W. Bush won Florida in the 2000 election and therefore the Presidency.

More recently, the court overturned a long-standing Second Amendment precedent, which had previously recognized that the right to bear arms belongs to a “well-regulated militia” rather than to individual citizens. So much for “originality”.

This court has previously overturned Roe v Wade in Texas by failing to block the vigilante law that encourages prosecution against anyone who helps a woman get an abortion.

So Judge Amy Coney Barrett, it’s just a fact that this tribunal is made up of a “group of partisan hackers.”

Scott McKenzie, La Cañada Flintridge

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