Journey of Ink – The Living Legacy of a Tribal Tattoo Collector

Journey of Ink documents Riaan’s true tribal tattoos, her quest to paint her body with the rarest inks, and her encounters with the world’s master tattoo artists.

The first time in history that a tattoo has been painted on a person’s flesh dates back to the Bronze Age. Many millennia ago, primitive men and women considered the ink on their faces and bodies a sacred act – Riaan Jacobs aims to keep these traditions alive with Ink travel.

“Since 2016, I have embarked on travels around the world to receive tattoos from the most unique artists, including the world’s oldest tattoo artist in the Philippines, Maori artists in New Zealand, magicians in Thailand and many others. My goal is to be a showcase for primitive tattooing methods as well as for the artists who keep this art alive. Riaan Jacobs says his trip is still incomplete and he wishes “To educate people on the depth of tattoo history in ancient cultures. “

His journey began in Madrid with a Nordic style tattoo inked on his chest, back and sleeve by Sean Parry of Meatshop Tattoo studio. The depiction of Jörmungandr, a mythical beast from Norse mythology, on his upper body is one of the largest tattoos on Riaan’s body.

Most of the Nordic-inspired tattoos feature runic symbols, one of which is Riaan’s Jörmungandr. The upper rune on his shoulder is Odal which symbolizes unity and bond with family, while the rune below is a combination of Tiwaz, the rune of Tyr the Norse god of war who presides over matters of law and justice, and Yngvi, the rune of balance and harmony. This particular tattoo also shows the Allfather Odin and Thor, the god of thunder.

The second leg of Riaan’s journey took him to Milan, Italy, where he got a very detailed snake tattoo on his left shoulder. The ink journey continued the day after Jörmungandr was finalized.

He states that he has always loved snakes and is aware of their symbolic significance in different cultures. However, Riaan also adds that his snake tattoo was not meant to mean anything in particular, stating that “This snake, however, is purely aesthetic because I like the style of Mirko Sata. ”

Riaan Jacobs got her next set of tattoos in the Czech Republic and Thailand. He tattooed a skull-headed swallow which means “Rebirth and celebration of life”.

His trip to Bangkok saw several new additions, including Paetch Payatorn’s tattoo on his left shoulder, a boar that reinforces a stronger personality and charismatic magnetism, as well as Hanuman, the demigod ape, and the Kwai tattoo. Tanu, who is destined to whip evil spirits with his brute force. These tattoos are a combination of protections from evil and traditional spell inscriptions.

Riaan’s devotion to traditional tattoos and devotion to body inking is also embodied in the fact that he put his preserved skin as a non-fungible token on Open sea. The highest bidder will have the privilege of owning Riaan’s tattooed skin after his death.

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