Kari Lake says Ron DeSantis has a lot of energy. She has a right word.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate for Arizona told a large rally on Sunday that she was not going to talk even metaphorically about the size of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ testicles.

“My staff always say whatever you do, don’t say bullets, so I’m not going to say it,” Kari Lake said during DeSantis’ presentation at the Unite and Win rally at the Arizona Financial Theater in Phoenix.

She tried to say instead, “This guy has a spine of steel…” But that apparently wasn’t cheeky enough.

“I’ll tell you what he’s got,” Lake said then. “I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but he has BDE. Anyone know what that means? Ask your kids about it later.

The roar of the crowd indicated that many in attendance knew without having to ask their children that BDE stands for Big Dick Energy. Lake spoke – hopefully – metaphorically about the size of DeSantis’ penis.

“I call it the big DeSantis energy, don’t you?” she continued, despite repeatedly saying that talking about gender wrongly sexualizes children.

She quickly added, “He has the same type of BDE as President Trump. And frankly, he has the same kind of BDE that we want all of our elected officials to have.

The question of what constitutes BDE accompanied DeSantis as he took the stage. He demonstrated that at least part of this involves a willingness to be brazenly hypocritical.

When Florida law enforcement officers executed a search warrant at the home of a former state Health Department data scientist suspected of hacking into an official email system in 2021, DeSantis said. excoriated a journalist who dared to call it a raid. Never mind that at least one officer pointed a gun at a terrified 10-year-old boy whose mother says he has autism. DeSantis insisted that the officers were properly carrying out a legal duty and to suggest otherwise was to pursue a false narrative seeking to dishonor them and the Constitution.

But that’s not how DeSantis described the recent execution of a search warrant at Trump’s residence on Sunday night, which was accomplished without terrorizing anyone.

“Look at the raid at Mar-a-Lago,” DeSantis said.

He then became the latest Republican leader to denigrate the FBI, saying, “They enforce the law based on who they like and who they don’t like.”

“It’s not a republic,” DeSantis said. “Well, maybe it’s a banana republic when that happens.”

DsSantis cited a litany of the FBI’s supposed sins.

“When you have a law that protects Supreme Court justices, does the FBI protect our conservative justices? No,” he said at one point.

It doesn’t matter that US Marshals, not the FBI, are tasked with protecting Supreme Court justices and that Marshals now provide round-the-clock protection for each of them.

The rest DeSantis had to say was what you would expect from a guy who condemns supposedly distorted mainstream media “narratives” while peddling his own self-aggrandizing narratives. Rather than lamenting the 78,236 Floridians who have died of COVID under his watch, he bragged about keeping the beaches open. He did not fail to stir up the culture wars by talking about the “virus of the awakened mind”.

What Lake called DeSantis’ BDE was a big hit with the crowd.

But real manhood, along with femininity, maybe just call it humanity, doesn’t come from perpetuating big lies about the FBI, let alone a supposedly stolen election. It is certainly not measured by the dimensions of your genitals, symbolically or not.

To the true measure of a person, DeSantis – and Lake – are just dicks.

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