Local civil rights organizations demand action from the city

TOPEKA (KSNT) – After two police killings in recent weeks, local organizations are calling for action.

A black man was fatally shot by police on Thursday after officers said he threatened three people with a knife. This, among other recent shootings involving police, has led some local organizations to demand action.

Yesterday, the NAACP Topeka Unit, the Kansas People of Color Legislative Action Coalition and others came together to demand action from the city on its policing practices. With the recent shootings, people fear for the safety of the community.

“We need to hear from our people,” said community advocate Regina Platt. “We have to keep our people safe. And so, to have the conversation that’s been going on for about two years now, we’ve had that conversation and brought it back to the table over and over again and again. It’s time to act. »

The Topeka Police Department placed five officers on administrative leave following Thursday’s shooting while the KBI investigates the incident. The city declined to comment on the matter.

These community organizations are calling on the city to work with the Department of Justice to conduct an external audit of the police department.

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