Naomi’s Superhero Origin Has An Uncertain Ending

Let’s detail Naomi’s premiere, and how while it may seem like the typical superhero origin story, it has an uncertain ending that can go either way.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The CW’s Naomi pilot episode.

In the CW premiere Noemie, the titular hero (played by Kaci Walfall) searches for the truth behind his identity, particularly due to his alien origin. It reminds from Smallville Clark Kent in the dusty farming town of Kansas, but in Naomi’s case, she learns shocking truths about her past as a teenage skateboarder in Port Oswego. However, while this may seem like the typical superhero origin story, that of Noémie The big problem is that it has an uncertain ending that can go either way.

Now usually whether it’s heroes like Bruce Wayne by Gotham, Oliver Queen on Arrow or a budding man of steel, the destination of their journey is known. It doesn’t matter what changes between the two, as they will eventually become paragons of virtue, connected to other heroes.

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It’s not just with the heroes of the Arrowverse, but with many of the symbols of light and inspiration that permeate pop culture, even in the realm of Marvel. That’s because fans know decades of lore, which indicates where their story would be heading, but in Naomi’s case, there’s no general knowledge of the character, let alone the ending of the game.

The reason is that she is so nascent with limited experience, she was just created by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell in 2019. Her first solo comic only dipped into her learning qu She was a refugee left behind on Earth with Dee and her adoptive father, Greg, watches over her after fleeing the Rann-Thanagar War. She was then attacked by Zumbado, who promised to come back for her and raze the planet, and that was about it.

Her new miniseries will be released in March, focusing on the return of Zumbado, more about her parents from their world, and how she became Powerhouse after riding with Young Justice and the Justice League. However, the thing is, Naomi has been mostly a supporting character with a blank canvas, allowing the TV show to take a lot of liberties, and that’s already the case when it comes to her love life, her hobbies , his debate club and fan site for Superman.

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This freedom is a good thing, because the series can change certain elements, such as exploring her identity, fighting oppression in her community, and making her a basic heroine for said community. In other words, it can make her more timely and sociopolitically relevant, while allowing her to be her own person without being attached to the Arrowverse. Since Kal-El is a myth that people don’t believe and other superheroes don’t “exist” on the TV show, Naomi might not even end up pursuing a career with the League or Young. Justice, giving it greater meaning. of self and individuality.

However, while this character’s ownership – not tied to tons of knowledge – can be a good thing, having no direction can also be a flaw. This appeared in Noir Flash, especially with the Jefferson Girls, as the show changed course with them from season to season. Not having a stable outlook with them on the comics was a downside, which ultimately resulted in Jen being reborn as a different person, literally, as the show ended. That said, that of Noémie the freedom to chart your own path without the burden of expectations is very appealing, and so far being self-reliant works because it builds a true character portrait of who Naomi is and who she’s meant to be.

Naomi airs on The CW Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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