Nigeria: Catholic Church Vows Not to Endorse 2023 Presidential Candidate, Asks Buhari to Sign Electoral Bill

The leadership of the Catholic Church in Nigeria has said it will not engage in any form of partisanship in the country’s politics, including the choice of the next president.

The church said it was against the delay in signing the Election Law Amendment Bill.

Speaking at the press conference to mark the church’s communication week, the priest in charge of church and society, Rev. Fr. Uche Obiechina, said the church does not meddle no partisan politics.

“Politics is about governance, the welfare of the people, so the church in Nigeria and the Catholic Church all over the world supports politics and encourages its members to do politics.

“The Catholic Church does not play party politics, but members of the Church are expected to play party politics, just that the Church as an institution should not play party politics. party means the politics of the APC, PDP, PRP and other The church cannot do politics, because there are members of the church who are in the APC, PDP or PRP For this reason, we cannot identify with any political party,” he said.

Obiechina said what she does is to recognize individual members of the church and encourage them to actively participate in politics, but not support parties.

“But the church identifies with our sons and daughters in various political parties. And that’s why the church will not nominate a candidate and say vote for the PDP or the APC. The church does not that and wouldn’t,” he said.

He said what the church was doing was encouraging its members to register, participate in party politics, contest and vote in elections, adding that they should vote for any man or woman in their choice that satisfies their conscience and their values. in truth, in honesty, in fair play and justice.

Obiechina also said the church mobilizes Christians and non-Christians to rise up to the reality of politics.

“It is through politics and governance that you can bring about the common good and our country badly needs that because we have had terrible politics and partisan apathy among a good many of our Christians who will say politics is a dirty game, I don’t think so. if you don’t participate in it, then the dirty men involved in it will rule you and you will become a victim,” he said.

The priest said Christians who claim to be clean should get into politics to help clean up the system.

On the issue of the Amended Electoral Law Amendment Bill, he said the Catholic Church advises the President to ensure that the conduct of elections follows known operating symbols and practices that will ensure free elections. and fair.

“The government of the day is slow to approve this bill. We are against such dithering. The president should approve the bill because the bill provides regulations that will ensure transparency of practices during elections and even after elections. elections,” he said.

For his part, the national director of social communication of the Catholic secretariat, Rev. Michael Nsikak Umoh, said the church looks to the upcoming dispensation with hope.

He cautioned Nigerians against trading according to tribal, ethnic, religious or political affiliations, adding that these are the tools used by typical politicians for so long to exploit the people.

Umoh said the theme of this year’s World Communications Day, “Listening to the ear of the heart,” involves freely giving one’s own time to listen to people, which is the first act of charity.

Highlights of the event include the unveiling of giveaways to mark Communications Week.

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