NJ Attorney General Files Civil Rights Complaint Against Pine Valley Golf Club, Alleging Gender Discrimination

PINE VALLEY – OCTOBER 1996: General view taken during a Pine Valley Golf Club photo shoot held in October 1996 at Pine Valley Golf Club, New Jersey. (David Canon/Getty Images)

Acting Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin announced the filing of a civil rights lawsuit against the Pine Valley Golf Club.

On Tuesday, Acting Attorney General Matthew J Platkin announced the Civil Rights Division (DCR) complaint alleging “a pattern of gender discrimination by the historically male-dominated club.”

DCR is a state agency that works to prevent, eliminate, and find solutions to bias-based discrimination and harassment through the enforcement of New Jersey’s Anti-Discrimination Act (LAD), family leave and the Housing Equity Act.

The complaint alleges that the club violated the Anti-Discrimination Act (LAD) by prohibiting women from becoming members and limiting their ability to access club facilities and golf on the property.

The complaint also alleges that the club used discriminatory practices to prevent women from owning homes on club grounds unless they co-owned the home with a man and enforced employment policies. discriminatory against employees on the basis of sex and gender.

“Gender discrimination has no place in New Jersey, period. Our Civil Rights Division is committed to eradicating unlawful discrimination and holding accountable those who violate our laws,” Platkin said. .



LAD prohibits discrimination and harassment based on bias, according to a statement from Platkin’s office. The complaint against the club alleges these offenses in the areas of employment, housing and places of public accommodation.

“New Jersey will not tolerate discriminatory policies or practices on the basis of gender, including those that perpetuate the effects of past discrimination,” DCR Deputy Director Rosemary DiSavino said. “The LAD prohibits policies and practices that seek to exclude or have the effect of excluding persons who identify as women. Failure to respect equal access to housing for persons of all genders, employment and places of public accommodation has consequences.”

The Pine Valley Golf Club claims to have lifted all restrictions on membership and use of its facilities based on sex or gender beginning in the spring of 2021, according to Platkin’s office, but the complaint alleges a history of discrimination since its created over 100 years ago.

Platkin’s office says female employees at the club make up just 4% of the workforce, with many working as dishwashers, canteen attendants or laundresses.

In addition, the complaint includes other allegations, including employment practices primarily based on word-of-mouth recommendations from the club’s predominantly male workforce, an illegal policy in the club manual. employee that prohibits male employees and not female employees from wearing earrings and a policy that prohibits employees from discussing their compensation.

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