One Piece reveals Yamato’s mysterious new devil fruit ability

One Piece Chapter # 1019 reveals an all-new Devil Fruit ability. What can we discern about this during Kaido’s ongoing fight?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1019, “Heliceratops”, by Eiichiro Oda, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

While chapter # 1019 of A piece The manga mainly focuses on the fight between Franky and Sasaki, it also looks at another important battle that takes place in Onigashima. Back on the roof of the Skull Dome, Kaido confronts his son, Yamato. But what’s most intriguing about returning to this fight is that we learn, like his father, Yamato also possesses a Devil Fruit ability.

As the two exchanges explode, Kaido comments that he only recognizes Yamato’s value as a “weapon.” Yamato’s anger and disgust speak for themselves. The son has no love for the father who kept him in prison all his life.

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Kaido comments on how he worked hard to acquire “this” devil fruit and he never intended for Yamato to eat it. Yamato reveals he didn’t realize it has been devil fruit when he ate it and he’s not too happy with the circumstance either. Having lost the ability to swim due to the Fruit, it only made it harder for Yamato to achieve his goal of seeing the world.

Yamato is well aware that he lost in their previous fight, but he also knows that each failure made him stronger. Although he’s not sure if he can beat Kaido, he refuses to give up without giving his all. The man called Oden says it best: “If I don’t fight for the good of this country, then I can’t be called Oden.” The chapter ends with a half-page panel showing Yamato in his hybrid devil fruit form with flowing fur like fire, long ears, and fangs.

It is not clear from Chapter 1019 which devil fruit Yamato ate, but we can correctly assume that it was a Zoan type. In fact, given that Kaido went out of his way to research this devil fruit and possesses a similar type himself, it is likely that Yamato ate a mythical devil fruit Zoan just like his father.

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Being based on animals, the Zoan Devil Fruit that Yamato might have is based on the Japanese Bakeneko. This type of yokai are cats who have acquired supernatural abilities by living a long lifespan. They can summon and manipulate ghostly fireballs as well as revive corpses and control them as if they were puppets. Yamato’s feline facial features, along with inflamed hair, are the origin of Bakeneko’s theory, but we can’t be completely sure yet.

The other possible devil fruit ability that Yamato might have is the Japanese Kirin or Qilin. Kirins are horses or deer with dragon characteristics such as scales, horns, and the ability to breathe holy fire. Kirins are benevolent, good-natured creatures, even considered symbols of justice and wisdom, and only appear in peacetime or in realms with benevolent rulers. The fact that Yamato was imprisoned his entire life could therefore support the Kirin theory. Yamato will only be able to face the people of Wano once Kaido is defeated and peace is restored for all.

No matter what his devil fruit ends up being, it will be exciting to see how the rest of the Yamato vs. Kaido fight plays out in the A piece manga. Yamato’s strong will, sense of justice, and admiration for Kozuki Oden are what we love about him. Fans are waiting for the day when he can finally go out to sea just like his hero.

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