Peppa Pig is the symbol of global Britain, despite being rejected by the BBC, says Boris Johnson

Peppa Pig is a symbol of global Britain – although it has been “rejected by the BBC,” Boris Johnson said.

In a bizarre speech at the Confederation of British Industry, the Prime Minister was at a loss for words after losing his place – before an anecdote about a visit to Peppa Pig World saved his bacon.

Searching through his notes, Mr Johnson sighed and repeated repeatedly ‘forgive me’ as he briefly interrupted his speech at the Confederation of British Industry.

Picking up his speech, the Prime Minister told business leaders: “Yesterday I went, as we all have to, to Peppa Pig World … I love it. Peppa Pig World is really my kind of place: there are very safe streets, discipline in schools, the emphasis is on public transportation systems.

He told the conference that “no Whitehall official would come up with Peppa” as he praised the “power of British creativity”.

Johnson added: “Who would have thought that a pig that looks like a hair dryer or maybe a Picasso-type hair dryer, a pig that was rejected by the BBC, would now be exported to 180 countries, with theme parks in both America and China? “

Earlier in the speech, he compared himself to Moses bringing delegates a “new Decalogue … from Mount Sinai” on the opportunities of the Green Industrial Revolution. It also briefly gave the impression of an accelerating Tesla.

Speaking later, the PM said he thought the speech “went well”, but Rachel Reeves, the fictitious Chancellor of Labor, called it “chaotic” and demonstrated just how “he takes British affairs seriously.”

Sir Ed Davey, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, said it was a “perfect metaphor for Johnson’s chaotic and incompetent government”.

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