Re: “When does an unborn child have civil rights?” [Village News, Letter, 9/29/22]

Re: “When does an unborn child have civil rights?” [Village News, Letter, 9/29/22]

My wife and I wish to respond to the Julie Reeder Op Ed regarding the civil rights of unborn children.

We’ve been pro-life all of our lives, so our contribution is going to have that slant. We believe that human life begins at the beginning. We also believe that if a woman does not want a child, she should use one of the many birth control options available to her or require the man to perform the contraceptive task (either by device, vasectomy or otherwise).

If we take these precautions, we will prevent conception from taking place and there will be no danger to human life. We simply do not accept the argument that since God and nature placed this tiny human being in a woman’s body to nurture and develop it, she has the right to end his life. With one exception: if doctors determine that the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother.

That said, we believe that our society should have guidelines on how to deal with the whole issue. We know that our attitude would be very unpopular with a large part of our population, but there are other laws and guidelines that govern what we do with our bodies, such as drug use, prostitution, etc.

This question is about an innocent member of our society who represents the pinnacle of vulnerability. We must have some soul and consideration for life at this stage of its development.

Michael and Barbara Sullivan

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