Stan Walk Files Civil Rights Complaint Against MCEDC | Community


Penney added, “At this point, as a director, I would be in communication with Walk and Murphy, PLC to deal with legal complaints, and this should not be board action.”


The three people from MCEDC who conducted the job interviews were Jensen, Todd Frein and Terry Byrnes.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Frein told the Mitchell County Press News. “We had four very good candidates. And (Walk) was one of them. But there were things about the interview that (okay) the three of us drugged him a bit.

“He also mentioned that some of the county supervisors were kidding. “

Frein is serving his first term as a member of the Mitchell County Supervisory Board, which he represents on the MCEDC.

For 20 years, Walk served as Mitchell County Supervisor. Brake praised his service and said there was a reason Walk continued to be re-elected. Frein said he had known Walk his entire life and that he and his wife worked for him when Walk opened a bar in the town of Mitchell.

“I have nothing against Stan Walk,” said Frein. “The guy did a lot of good things for Mitchell County.”

However, Frein said Penney stood out as being active and ready to work: “She sold very well. Before she was here, she was in a big city. She took care of the children, she took care of the adults. She started a lot of programs. Whether it was economic development, school education, summer programs, we could tell she was going to take whatever we gave her and run with it. We think we have a good one.


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