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I have noticed a disturbing trend in many letters to the editor lately. It would appear that a significant number of people have consumed liberal / progressive Kool-Aid and are convinced that a person’s civil liberties and long-standing constitutional rights must be sacrificed on the altar of “public safety”.

A former governor of California recently made the “Screw Your Rights” statement. Perhaps he would prefer the rights he would have in Austria.

I find this trend deeply disturbing. Imagine living in a society where anything risky, or potentially dangerous, was illegal. Discover the movie Demolition Man (1997). As was the case in this futuristic / progressive society, all things “not good for you” were illegal. When I saw this movie for the first time, I found it funny… now, not so much!

When the Delta variant first arrived, I remember experts saying it was more contagious, but not as deadly. Now they are predicting the coming apocalypse again. I believe they saw their control over the sheep crumble when people started to get back to normal.

Now not only do you have to have the vaccine 2 times, but will you be motivated to have a third injection, then a fourth, a fifth? More than 100 million Americans have already had COVID (CDC numbers). This means that a third of the population already has natural immunity. It worked pretty well for chickenpox, measles, etc.

After viewing my crystal ball, I see advertisements about TV advertising law firms in 2035 wanting to represent people who received the COVID vaccine in 2020-21 and who may be entitled to compensation for being turned into flesh-eating zombies thanks to the vaccine. Watch the ads today.

David Blankemeier



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