The restriction of reproductive rights in this country is a five-alarm fire, but how do you fight it?


Even so-called pro-choice Republicans cannot count on them to correct their party and defend women’s reproductive rights. “I am in favor of the codification Deer …Said Senator Susan Collins at Los Angeles Times last week, before explaining why she would actually vote versust codify Roe deer.

I don’t want to criticize Democrats for trying to pass this legislation. The situation is dire. Head of Planned Parenthood, Alexis McGill Johnson told me, “The right to make decisions about our bodies and our lives hangs by a thread, and we need our leaders to act. The Women’s Health Protection Act would help protect access to abortion and guard against medically unnecessary bans and restrictions imposed by politicians in the state of Texas and across the country.

We elected these leaders to at least try to protect our rights and interests, after all. But at the end of the day, the Supreme Court has the final say on everything – every law. So even if they could move the bill from the House to the Senate, the Supreme Court could simply overturn it, as senior legal editor of Rewire news Imani Gandy said. “The Democrats’ efforts to codify Roe deer, although laudable, died in the water with this Supreme Court. There is no way in hell that the group of 6 conservative justices captured by federalist society on the Supreme Court can find no reason why any law cementing abortion rights is unconstitutional.

The problem again is that Democrats are deploying traditional tools to fight a Republican Party that has abandoned all democratic standards and is simply trying to consolidate power by any means necessary. Democrats are once again bringing a spoon to a knife fight. As Gandy puts it, “Democrats’ time would be better spent trying to neutralize or reform the filibuster so they can move forward with expanding the courts. Democrats must change the makeup of the court by adding more judges, they must right the wrongs committed by Mitch McConnell by stealing at least two of the court’s nine seats. In short, Democrats must act like Republicans. The American people need a Democratic Party that will protect their rights with the same zeal that Republicans are striving to take away from them.


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