Thor 2 director ready to make his own Snyder cut


Like many directors, Alan Taylor was supportive of Zack Snyder and his director’s cut of the Justice League, and he wouldn’t mind getting the same for Thor 2.

Alan Taylor, the director behind Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, is reportedly willing to make his own Snyder Cut version of the film, although he doesn’t expect that to happen. The MCU has a great track record of producing crowd-pleasing films, but even a beloved franchise will have a few missteps. 2013 Thor: The Dark World reigns as one of the biggest in the MCU, despite being a financial success, and has a decent 75% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Taylor, best known for his work on TV shows like Game Of Thrones, was brought in to lead Thor 2 after the release of Patty Jenkins.

Thor: The Dark World once again Chris Hemsworth took on the role of the titular god of thunder and dealt with a fantasy conflict involving the dark elves, led by Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith. The film set out to explore Asgard more, but ended up focusing on a half-baked plot involving one of the Infinity Stones. Earlier this year, Taylor spoke about Thor: The Dark World and revealed his original ideas for the film, which had a more magical quality to them. However, much of what he envisioned was changed in post-production, as Marvel looked to change some plot points.

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Taylor has since evolved and achieved The many saints of Newark, Although he again reflected on his time with the MCU in an interview with Reverse. As to whether he would one day be interested in releasing a director’s version Thor 2Taylor responded favorably, citing Zack Snyder’s recent experience with Justice League. However, Taylor doesn’t expect that to happen with him. He said:

“I applauded Zack Snyder when he was doing that and I was like, is he going to do it? This is amazing. I think every director was kind of rooted for that. I would love to, I mean. Can you imagine that? They give me the millions of dollars they gave him to go back. Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to get this phone call.

by Snyder Justice League became a symbol of creative control in an era of strong studio influence. Earlier this year, the famous Snyder Cut debuted on HBO Max and revealed Snyder’s overall vision for Justice League. Since then, some fans have turned their attention to other films that could benefit from a director’s cut, most notably the 2016 Suicide Squad. Sadly, Snyder remains the only despised director so far to have the chance to go back and revamp his film.

Yet the idea of ​​a Thor 2 the director’s cut is attractive. Taylor’s version sounded quite interesting; maybe he could have restored some of the magic that was seriously missing from the final cut. Thor: The Dark World was an opportunity to increase the fantasy included in the MCU, but it didn’t do much to further develop Asgard or deepen the Dark Elves’ motivation. What was left was a decent but not great MCU release that would be completely wiped out by the 2017 follow-up. Thor: Ragnarok. If Marvel ever wanted to give Taylor a chance to clean his cut, fans would probably love to see him.

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