Titans resurrects a hero but not their training

Let’s dive into the Great Resurrection of Titans Season 3 and how it’s going to become a huge, long-term issue for the key vigilante involved.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 3, Episode 9, “Souls,” available now on HBO Max.

After a comedic and acrimonious death last season, it was no big secret that Donna Troy would return to Titans in Season 3. With her body on Paradise Island and Raven working her magic, it was a question of how and when. she would be resurrected. However, as Donna returns with a goal, there is a long term problem. When Donna meets Tim Drake and Hank in the afterlife, she seems at peace with her destiny. Sure, she’s annoyed that she died at a carnival, electrocuted from all things, but as she talks to Hawk, it’s clear that Donna has had enough of the superhero antics.

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He desperately wants to return to the land of the living, beat Jason Todd, and restart his crusade for justice, but Donna isn’t interested. She doesn’t mind going to Heaven because she doesn’t see the need to go back and risk her life. She’s disenfranchised with it all, as she asks Hank what the highest meaning behind it is when all they do is die, lose loved ones, and leave others behind.

More so, their sacrifices don’t mean jack, as it doesn’t really reduce crime, so for Donna, superheroism is a futile endeavor. Hank is shocked because he’s never heard her so resigned to defeating, which clearly has to do with how Deathstroke killed Garth / Aqualad as well. Donna felt like revenge was in vain as besides being empty inside, she subsequently died, so to her the whole mission didn’t make sense.

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Eventually, she warms up to the idea and comes back to life with Tim, again inspired by Hank sacrificing himself against the ghouls to save them. She wants to honor her ghost and respect her wishes to help bring down Red Hood and Scarecrow, but ultimately there is a major problem if she is not satisfied.

All the work brings is pain and misery, which Donna was afraid to return to. Knowing that the Titans are now stabbed in the back by one of their doubles over this, that means Donna could get fed up quickly. In that sense, even if she sticks around, she won’t be the leader or the warrior of yesteryear. However, during the Resurrection, she ends up saving Bruce, who apparently tries to kill himself as well. Maybe they can heal themselves and remember what their symbols stand for, but as it is, other than a short-term fix, the thought of fighting for justice with her family is something Donna doesn’t. consider more wonderful.

The first nine episodes of Titans Season 3 are available now on HBO Max. Episode 10 is released on September 30.

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