Ukrainians protest as Russians move into town north of Kyiv

Ukrainians in a town north of kyiv took to the streets to protest as the Russians began to take control of the area.

Videos and images captured by CNN showed a crowd of around several hundred people heading towards the main square in the city of Slavutych Saturday.

Mayor Yuri Fomichev called on residents to come to the square with Ukrainian symbols and denounce the Russian invasion.

Protesters carried a flag to the main square and chanted “Slavutych is Ukraine” and “Glory to Ukraine”, according to CNN.

Fomichev posted on Facebook on Friday that “Our defenders defended themselves bravely and selflessly! But we don’t have the same strength! Unfortunately, we have our dead.”

After the capture of the city, Oleksandr Pavliuk, head of Kyiv regional administration, said the mayor was abducted by Russian forces.

CNN reported that amid the protests, gunshots could be heard and the plaza was hit by three stun grenades.

The news comes a day after US officials announced that Russian forces no longer had full control of Kherson, the first Ukrainian city captured by Kremlin troops at the start of the war.

“We have seen reports of resistance there in areas that were previously under Russian control,” a senior defense official told reporters on Friday. “We can’t corroborate exactly who is in control of Kherson, but the fact is that it doesn’t appear to be as firmly under Russian control as it was before…we would say that Kherson is disputed territory again.”

The Ukrainian military fought fiercely to defend its country, pushing back Russian forces from the capital Kyiv and preventing the Kremlin from making significant military gains.

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