Who are we really? What do we have in common or not?


2022 is demanding right now, our definition: denial or direction – Artist: Akemi Ohira

Are we evidence of American exceptionalism or worn out by the commercialized opinion of zombie corporatism, have we accepted to be manipulated by wealthy motivators maneuvering us like pieces of a chess board to maintain the status quo of royalty, exhausting our income?

248 years after our Boston tea, are the 20% of the new America Loyalists to King George III reincarnated in the 40% of Americans loyal to the new Trumped GOP, or are there among the 2022 Conservatives more Liz Cheney (s) than Joe Manchin (s)?

We can hold responsible the pawns of illegitimate power who violently attempted the coup of January 6, 2021 (recalling, The commercial intrigue attempt by wealthy bankers and businessmen to replace our 32sd President with a dictator) or we can challenge, What passed is the prologue, by following the money funding the traitors provocateurs: on the air, online and in government.

Have we not learned from Bismarck and the German aristocracy that only a free people in a free society can control an uncontrollable and morally deficient dictator convinced of the repetition of a Big lie would give him power over all the people? Wrapped in a flag and / or wielding a Bible to make infantrymen destroy a democratic republic unless Franklin disputes it, if you can keep it – with our votes.

We can foster opposites, defend opposing views and continue to join forces for the greater good, or continue to be manipulated by Wall & K Streets who distort the truth to blind us to what we share in common.

Are we the personification of brotherly love or the bullies of the Border bias?

We can either work on our exceptional dream of a more perfect union or be content to live in denial of what our excessive self-indulgence for instant gratification has caused our children and the planet.

Are we. for the sake of the family, vaccinated, respecting safety distances and masked, or deceived by hypocrites shamelessly offering a gesticulation of the number to common sense?

We can continue to be a nation addicted to add, is at the end of as many words as possible, thinking it boosts American prowess, or we can admit and accept that we are not the best or even the brightest when we embrace empire building while relegating the less fortunate nations America first vulgarities.

What choice must we make to best carry our holiday spirit of giving in 2022, of loving our neighbors as ourselves or of worshiping political demagogues?

We can personify justice for all or be imbued with denied justice.

Does our belief in ourselves depend on President John F. Kennedy and his son returning alive to the site of his assassination on 11/22/63, to anoint a delusional ex-president, or is our faith? placed in the preservation of the institutional senatorial power which now favors Americans knowing what and who were at the origin of the attempted coup d’etat of the United States of America – yet, eleven months after the fact – while avoiding face his constituents ravaged by the tornado?

Do we always imitate Abraham, Martin, John and Bobby in asking what we can do for our country, or do we violently attack Congress’ certification of the will of the people?

We can be true or false; honest or cunning; patriots or fanatics. We can pretend we love God and the Fatherland, but unless we all love living here colorfully like we love ourselves, this will be the biggest lie we tell, The big lie, liar.

We can vote for a Republican Party that no longer embraces the Emancipation Proclamation nor does it reflect the United States of America, or we can melt 1920s status symbols commemorating legal racism and propel the harmonious spirit of our neglected union into every fiber of our being, throughout the year to come.

We can continue to believe the lie that all Americans are born with equal opportunity, equal justice for all and equal potential for life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness, or we can wake up, admit not only the proverbial a level playing field non-existent, but for more than 43% of Americans continue to move the goal posts.

We can be a Democratic representative updating the loathsome Reagan Queen of well-being political exploitation or see us renewed in Americans who named our 46e President.

We can continue to think of mental health as the stepson of physical health care or we can push health insurance providers and governors join the 21st century.

We can educate ourselves with half truths or everyone born here can choose to learn why so many people are. die to live here.

Are we a people for whom a sad nod is a sufficient response to domestic terrorism, Gun violence and 800,000 Covid deaths or should we read our Bill of rights until we understand what it guarantees and what it does not guarantee?

Only We the people can decide if America is to be or not to be.



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Who are we really beasts or human goodness?


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Who are we really beasts or human goodness?


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